Episode 24 – “Unspoken: When Silence Isn’t Golden”

“What happens in the family stays in the family!” We’ve all heard that one, but what happens when you can’t talk to the family about what’s happening in the family??? Listen in as Tenisha Phillips joins Sharon in a raw, vulnerable conversation about the subject that often remains unspoken… mental health.

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Episode 23: “Lesson Learned!”

I’ll bet that some of the greatest lessons you’ve ever learned have been from your mother. That’s really no surprise! Mothers are our first teachers, after all. Listen in as Sharon shares the greatest lessons she learned from her mom’s decade-long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. Indeed, these lessons did not merely come from her mother’s lips, but from her life!

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Episode 21: Diary of a STRONG Black Woman (Season 3)

There is rarely found such a beautiful thing as a STRONG Black Woman, right???  But, how much is she expected to handle before she completely runs out of steam?  Listen in as Sharon discusses the “illusion of strength” that often forces women to put on their superhero capes and get things done.

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