Episode 16: “Making Boss Moves”

Whether you are already a BOSS or wondering how to get started, this episode is for you!  Today, Sharon and special guest, Andria Hudson, discuss everything from passion to branding and more.  Tune in for some great tips.  Then, join us on facebook for the “After Show After Glow” inside scoop!

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About our guest…

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Episode 15: “Note to Self”

Who doesn’t love a great selfie? Hair… perfect! Lip gloss… popping! Lighting… just right! Everyone is smiling and life looks grand, but if we really look closely, what would we see? What lies behind the illusion of perfection? This week, Sharon challenges you to come face to face with yourself because you can’t fix what you won’t face.

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Episode 14: “When Love Hurts”, Part 2

Last time, Sharon tackled domestic violence with counselor and certified domestic violence professional, Tonia Garnett.  Today, Sharon dives right back into the conversation.  Listen now to hear the conclusion of the whole matter!

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National Domestic Violence Helpline: 800-799-7233

About our guest…
Tonia Garnett, MSW CDVP TCYM

Social Media:
IG – kgwellness_tonia
Twitter – kgwellness_
FB – kimmy g foundation

Contact Info:
Email – kimmygfoundation@gmail.com
To schedule appointments – http://www.psychologytoday.com
(search for Tonia Renee Garnett to view her profile)